An exception is anything that Akindi isn't 100 percent sure how to grade and would like a human opinion on!

When scanning the test sheets, Akindi will call exceptions if....

  • A student's information is missing or mis-filled, 

  • A version bubble is unclear or left blank, 

  • A test sheet wasn't able to be graded

  • A student bubbles-in more responses than the answer key contains

Missing or Mis-filled Student IDs

If the student ID is missing or doesn't match an ID  in the calss roster, Akindi will display a preview of the Student ID and Name sections as well as possible Student ID matches.  

To resolve an Exception, select one of the suggestions pulled by Akindi or search the class roster by typing the student's name or ID number into the dropdown menu. The exception will automatically save. 

GIF: Resolving student ID exception: searching student in dropdown menu.

Missing Version Bubbles

The easiest way to resolve exceptions caused by missing Version bubbles is using the 'Responses' tab. Filter the 'Responses' tab by version and the blank versions will be filtered to the top. Double click on the version box, and select a version from the dropdown menu. Using trial-and-error determine the version that yields the highest mark, then click 'Save Changes'.

GIF: Resolving version exceptions: select version from dropdown menu.

Question Exceptions

Question exceptions are pulled when the student bubbles more responses than the answer key contains. Question exceptions can be resolved by clicking 'Resolve Exceptions' under the question heading (will resolve all responses for that question). 

Question exceptions will remain in the exception tab after they are handled to allow you to revisit them at any point. You can click the question preview to pull up the student's scanned test sheet. 

Image: Resolving question exceptions.

Pages with Processing Errors

Akindi will create a list of any pages that weren't able to be graded. Selecting a page from the dropdown menu will pull up a preview of the test sheet. 

To identify the source of the error, verify that all four black corner squares and the QR code are present and unaltered on the test sheet. Try rescanning and uploading the test sheet. 

If you need any assistance in resolving exceptions, please contact the Akindi team using the live chat - we would be happy to help! 

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