Inviting an Instructor or TA to Collaborate

From the course dashboard, click the Collaborate’ button. Input the email address of the instructor or Teaching Assistant you wish you collaborate with and select the permission level. 

GIF: Collaborate > Input email > Select Access level > Invite > Done

From the other end, the instructor or TA will receive an email inviting them to join the course or section. 

If they already have an account the course or section will appear once they log in. If they don’t have an account they will be prompted to create one using their email or through the Akindi LMS integration.

Image: You've been invited to collaborate. Get Started.

Tracking Changes - Change Log 

All the changes made to the course, class roster, answer key, or students' mark will be tracked in the Change log.

Managing Permissions

Anyone with ‘Admin’ status can add, remove or change the permissions settings by clicking the ‘Collaboration’ button on the course dashboard, or the collaboration icon on the left-hand panel. 

Image: Control access level- can view, can edit, can admin.

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